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Hans Grobe is one of the best known names in German as well as in international philatelie. Deceased on the 10th of October 1994 at the age of 96, Hans Grobe is inseparably connected to the German philatelie history. Even more: In many ways Grobe determined some of the history.

During our time - The German empire had just lost the first world war and the treaty of Versaille put tremendous strain on the country and its people - Hans Grobe, back then in his early twenties, courageously found his first postage stamp shop in Hanover. It opened its doors on February 13th 1920. Right here, almost to the day one year later, on the 14th of February 1921, Hans Grobe held his first auction. The first Grobe auction was the first that was not held in the capital. The auction represents the beginning of an unprecedented economic as well as a philatelic success story.

Hans Grobe also gained important reputation as an author and publisher of philatelic works. His 1953 published 'old German-handbook' is a must read for every interested collector. First alone and later together with this son and daughter-in-law, he held during seven decades more than 200 auctions before the company, in beginning of the nineties, was dissolved under the protection of the company name into the auction house Interphila Grobe & Lange.

Grobe-Auctions always had a special flair. We are confident, that our new series of Hans-Grobe-Auction, will transmit the spark of tasteful philatelic tradition.

The current catalogue - as well as the remarkable tradition of Hans-Grobe-Auction anyway - is also proof that top philatelie was always, and especially during difficult economic times, a special investment recommendation with class. Over decades, stamps and philatelic receipts, not only proved their value as interesting collector items but also as a sold investment. Today, this becomes valid once again.

Whishing you lots of fun, looking through the extra-ordinary auction offering of the Hans-Grobe-Auction, your

Volker Lange